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Sound & Lighting Production Services

Sound/Lighting Production Services #1

Sound and lighting production has always been a love of Carson Hand, our owner, and we are thrilled to now offer sound and lighting production services at Fade to Black. Events produced by Fade to Black include church retreats, school events, nights of worship, and other events. Carson's experience in playing in bands as well as live sound and lighting engineering have given him a thorough understand of working with musicians and will ensure a quality production.

Our sound system for production events varies in size depending on the venue, but will accommodate most any size venue, and includes mains and subwoofers. The processing and 24-channel mixing console work extremely well in mixing bands and spoken audio. We have a diverse lineup of high-quality microphones, including vocal mics, instrument mics, drum mics, and wireless mic units. We also offer monitor mixing in the form of stage wedges and wireless in-ear units.

Sound/Lighting Production Services #2

Our lighting system for production events is nothing short of professional quality as well. We offer up to approximately 30 fixtures with full trussing as our production rig, including par cans, LED fixtures, color changers, pinspots, intelligent moving- head fixtures, opti-par fixtures, and a hazer. Over half of these fixtures were purchased from a national touring country artist, so the quality is high, following the usual Fade to Black standards.

For all your sound and lighting production needs, Carson Hand's Fade to Black Productions is ready to serve through professional, knowledgeable engineers who place a high priority on exceeding customers' expectations.