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Live Music Services

Live Music Services #1

Live music is the newest incorporation of Carson Hand's Fade to Black Productions. We welcome to the company "Carson Hand *LIVE*" which is our owner, Carson Hand's, live musical performance. Carson has been a part of the local music scene for many years, beginning with FishHook, a Christian band, and Turning Point, a party band. In addition to playing in several other groups through the years, Carson now plays most events as a solo artist or duet with drummer Derek Hay, and occasionally with other special guests. In the past year Carson also made his debut in the thriving music scene of college town Athens, GA where he now plays regularly. Events include restaurants, bars, community events, private parties, weddings, and many others; and Carson's song repertoire includes anything from classic rock to oldies to country to today's pop.

Live Music Services #2

Carson Hand *LIVE* features Carson Hand on guitar, piano, and vocals, and frequently features Derek Hay on drums and background vocals. Through the years Carson has played many notable performances including opening for artists such as Jeff Carson, Trace Adkins, and Jimmy Wayne; and he has performed at venues including Turner Field, the Columbus Civic Center, and the United States Capitol in Washington D.C. Ask folks who have ever been at a show and they'll tell you that Carson Hand *LIVE* brings a crowd and a great time!